Valentine's day-trivia, Economic Data and sources

This weekend will be special! So, we here at the Flow we decided to tell you a little about the Customs about that date around the world.
In General, the date is celebrated around the globe on the day 14 February. In Japan things work a little different: The present girls with chocolates and a statement the boys, saying that they are in love, and have to wait a month to have their response – whether positive or negative. That agony, isn't it?

In the United States, it is common for people to distribute sweets to friends and co-workers, but not lose the habit of giving too.
In China, in addition to the Valentine's day, there is also the singles ' day: at first the date was created by students, who have companions decided to present themselves-the fashion caught on, and today the singles ' day – that occurs in 11 November-in China is greater even than Valentine's day! The shops are many promotions, mainly via the internet, and generate a profit superior to Valentine's day. Talk about him in an older post, remember here.

But there's a lot more history behind this commemorative. Known as "Valentine's Day", in English, the Valentine's day has Catholic origins and the date was previously remembered in honor of Bishop Valentine, who fought against the orders of the Emperor Claudius II when this had prohibited marriages in times of war – the Emperor believed that single men were better warriors. So, Valentine's day was still performing weddings in secret, but was discovered and sentenced to death-day on February 14. In addition, the date mark festive seasons in ancient Rome in honor of Juno, the goddess of women and marriage.

The date was adopted later as Valentine's day, celebrating the mutual exchange of romantic messages and here in Brazil is held on June 12, the eve of the day of St. Anthony, the Holy matchmaker.

It is estimated that a billion cards with messages are sent, making it one of the most profitable days of the year. In Brazil, the Swiss PR did polls and expects to move in Brazil 1.8 billion, with the majority of respondents (44%) saving a little more on this and the remainder by investing a little more to impress his teammates. The average spending per person was at 121.25 R$-number exceeds that of other commemorative dates.  The threads that expected more movement are the clothing and footwear, perfumery, travel and electronics.

And your gift? Already purchased? Enjoy this day, spoiling your/your partner or, if you're single, spoiling!

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