Lecture-How my company can start import x export?

Two weeks ago, we were in Ijuí at Expo Ijuí talking about how a company can start their journey in foreign trade. Let's enjoy the day to post a bit about the lecture and share the content addressed in Ijuí.

In lecture we talked about the need to provide Radar registration (registration and tracking of the performance of the Customs Actors) needed to start the import and export for resale. There are some particularities that radar is not required, as for example, how an individual import and import for consumption of up to USD 3,000.00. Here on the Blog already talked a landing RADAR and you can see here and here.

When you're choosing a niche, or a product to import, don't forget to take into consideration the contacts in the area in which you work and in that area has more business contacts.

The product knowledge is extremely necessary for a greater success of the project. On export, there are ways to start the project making contacts with embassies or customers who already matter this product but the best and most effective way to get return customers, is visiting a trade fair next to observe the competition, check the type of audience that attends this event for when your company exhibit be prepared for the presentation.


Also we address some cost-saving options on import, which at this time are matters of great importance.


See the following link the presentation and if you have any questions please contact us.

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