I will participate in a trade fair to export my products. How should I prepare?

The participation of companies in international events is of extreme importance to meet new market and understand the requirements with customers, get your product in front of the target audience and meet with customers or prospects.
The return to these events has, if export project is much faster too.
But once your company knows that a Visual on a fair. What to do? How to prepare?
Below we have listed some of the top tips for your participation you get great fruits:

SEARCH for: collect as much information as you can about the show. Who usually visit the fair? Who are the competitors who will be there, and how their participation in recent trade shows?

Prepare: make all advertising material to delivered Monday, with information of their products, at least in English. It is important to draw the attention of such personnel and demonstrate the differential of your product. Take brochures and provide samples for your audience to analyze their products. (Don't forget to see this in advance because sometimes the samples and materials should arrive in fairs before you)

SMILE: on your stand, is always available and smiling talking to everyone. You never know where the chance will come. Be friendly and accessible and ask questions that you learn more and more about his client. And please, drop the cell phone when you're at your stand. Be receptive to all the time.

GO for IT-in international fairs, a common good practice, adopted by the organizers is to promote business round between buyers and sellers. Schedule your meetings and, if few have been marked, talk to more people, participate in cross talk and be ready to present your company to someone you just met.

KEEP IN TOUCH-one of the most important tasks of those working at a trade show is to know people, remember them and keep in touch.  Connect with all the people you met, remember what they sought and stay in touch, to see if they needed anything. These relationships, in the near future will be able to generate great fruits.

Here in Flow, we help clients prepare for a fair, is taking care of the preparations for the trip, such as making a list of prospects that are in town. We work for our customers to enjoy the most of the trip and make the most of possible connections. Need help? Contact us:)

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