How to export food

We love to write here on the blog, posts that talk about export. Mainly for the time that Brazil is living today, many promotional incentives and training available for entrepreneurs. Much still must be done to be more competitive and ready to export, but, at the moment, we have to take advantage of the opportunities that are being given and possibly exchange rates will continue at the level of 3.20-3.60 R$ R$ during the year 2016.

We've covered on the blog, how to export swimwear and today we'll talk about how to export food.  The Brazil has been consolidating in recent years as one of the largest producers and exporters of the world of food and fiber. Here in Brazil, the MAP, Ministry of agriculture, lays down rules for the drinks and food output in the country, which guarantees the quality and safety of products for consumption and enables visibility into foreign markets.

Export requires learning new processes and be adaptable to different requirements and regulations that each new country that exports bring.

Most of the importing countries, require that consignments of food products are accompanied by official documents of export of food. The interesting thing is find the Government Department that takes care of this in the destination country, to search for more information and check necessary documents, regulations and standards of quality and safety.

Depending on the product, a strong marketing strategy will be required, for the product falling in taste of the country selected.  Develop documents, channels of the company and product information in the language of the selected countries. Have regular contact with the Government, industry bodies and relevant customers and countries participate in fairs of local industry to raise awareness of your brand and also and meet industry and business contacts.

Participate in trade shows and tasting of the products, showing its benefits and qualities, calling the joy of the Brazilian people, can help in a fair or event that you know will be potential customers or partners.

Interesting things to research and do:

-Documents required for the country of destination
-Cultural aspects of the country for the development of packaging and negotiation
-Information you need to have in the package
-The market already knows the product? If not what is the strategy?
-Price to be sold in the market?
-Participate in fairs, rounds of business to feel the market
-Where applications are being closed, don't delay your requests

Helped a little? Clarified some ideas? I hope so.
Good weekend to all!

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