Exporting to the United States

Have you ever thought how to export their products to the country with the biggest economy in the world?
Today we will present a summary for you telling a little about the experience of negotiating with the United States, which is the most exported and information that may be of interest about the country of Uncle Sam.

The u.s. economy looks healthy and will expand by about 2.2% ( -3.73%) Brazil in 2016. In the year 2015 the economida grew up in 2.4% ( -3.8%) Brazil.

The price of oil fell, that could lower the cost of transportation, food and raw materials for companies, boosting profit margins. He gives consumers more disposable income to spend. The bad news is that they are increasing the cash savings instead of spending.

Among the main products exported include: crude oil, pulp, raw coffee beans, aluminum oxides and hydroxides, among others. But you already know how is the trading style of Americans?
Below we list some tips for you:

-Speak with clarity, be direct and honest
-Pragmatism: Nothing to complicate things, look for practicality and objectivity
-Be on time, avoid delays for the meetings. As I say: Time is money!

To succeed and arrive quickly at a consensus to negotiate, explore our tips and look to be well informed about all aspects of your product of American culture and be available to seek effective solutions. American negotiators are sometimes a bit impatient and wish to agility of all stakeholders with regard to export processes and negotiations.

Stay tuned! Some cultural characteristics vary from country to country, and we are no exception. We observed some differences that can help in time to meet with the Americans – like the compliments, which in the United States occurs, in General, through handshakes, and may be misinterpreted a kiss on the cheek in the workplace. Search for express their opinion openly speaking, since when criticism are inserted within a professional context, will be well received. It is important to note also that in the United States the last names are used to refer to colleagues and persons unknown – avoid make them feel uncomfortable, always try to show respect to call them by name.

The basic documentation for export is the form 7501, 3461 (Customs Entry/Release), Bill of lading, invoice, packing list and the certificate of origin for the countries that are part of the NAFTA. Import clearance is a lot faster than in Brazil (more or less 10 hours filling out forms and release – Doing Business data)

And you? Have experience with the North American market? Share with us how are its advances in this big market:)

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