Exporting to Argentina

Follow our posts on exporting to other countries, today we will discuss about a neighbouring country, located on our beloved Latin America: Argentina.

Export is always a delicate process, involving a lot of market research and long applied to prospecting for customers, suppliers and planning. We already know that exporting is not a procedure that occurs overnight and, therefore, we will give some tips on how to negotiate with the Argentines and some data about the country.

Who's thinking of starting to export is great to put in your planning this country as one of the first partners (of course, taking into account that your product is of interest to the market), because many experts indicate that the exporter must begin to export to those countries of Spanish language, which are closer to Brazil and have similar customs.

After the elections in the country, the economy has been suffering deep changes and aligning with stricter economic goals with the future in mind, including increasing the stimulus to exports and overall negotiations with the outside world.  The Argentina is the second largest economy in South America, behind only of Brazil. Remember also that Argentina has literacy rate very high, almost the entire population has access to education and is literate – in addition, the country offers great diversity of natural resources and good infrastructure, being the most industrialized region in the capital, Buenos Aires. As is the case in Brazil, Argentina also is focused on agriculture, and its export have been increasing rates too.

But let's move on! Below we will give tips on how to negotiate with the Argentines to have higher chances of success:

-Be on time for business meetings, but be ready to wait 30 minutes for her, especially if you are meeting with an important person;

-It is difficult to organize meetings in advance. If you organize meetings in advance, don't be surprised if they are postponed nearer the date;

-Argentines are very connected to their families, so ask about are your loved ones is acceptable, even they can ask things related to the subject for you.

-Argentines sometimes interrupt others during a conversation, because for them it's not a usual offensive.  Therefore, avoid feel offended and keep in mind that our customs are different.

-In Argentina generally meetings are made in offices, but if you have a closer relationship with the executives in question, an invitation for lunch would be nice too;

And there? Are you interested in exporting their products to Argentina?  Start your research by checking whether your product is sought after and is in keeping with the needs of Argentines, translate your website into Spanish and hands to work!

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