Conference channels

Today we will explain a little about the functioning of Conference of imported and exported goods in Brazil. Did you know that your cargo will pass through a "filter" – which we call channel-to load and check your documents?

The three channels that you hear most often are:
Green: the import will automatically switch through customs without having to check the goods and documents. After registration of the import declaration, in about 4 hours the charge will be resourceful. Today, the green channel is best known as in FISCAL ANALYSIS, because during the 4 hours following, an inspector can "pull" the DI to red channel, known as channel Watermelon.

Yellow: implies Conference of documents with the DI-import declaration-and not found any irregularity, is dismissed the physical verification of the merchandise.
A curiosity: in the export, we call the yellow channel.  A yellow channel takes somewhere between 3-5 days to be resourceful.

Red: in this case is made the documentary Conference and also of the product, with the load being released only after all verification related to merchandise – is a process a little longer, which can take between 5-10 days, depending on the movement of cargo in the port/airport, the tax number are working, etc.

It is important to remember that there is still a fourth channel, called channel gray. In the gray channel, in addition to the documentary examination and physical verification of the load, are also applied to other special procedures of customs control, as the company's financial health to investigate possible fraud in relation to the declared price of the merchandise, import etc.

You can still browse through the internet as their merchandise is being parameterized, using tools available through the system Siscomex.

It is important to remember that even if your goods being allocated in the green channel or yellow, you can take the liberty of tax check your load if it deems pertinent. But don't worry! With all the documents and the goods in order, then you can have your products released and coming to you. 🙂

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