"Brexit"-what is? What are the consequences?

Brexit was the term given to the referendum that took place between the British, joining two words-Great Britain (or, more specifically, United Kingdom) with the word "exit", "output".

But what is this referendum, anyway? For many years there are economists and experts who believe that the best thing for the country would be out of the European Union, for several reasons. However, this thought gained momentum on several circumstances-like the strong movement of migration and refugees, as well as economic management.

In one of the clauses of the European Union, a treaty that allows the members of the European Union to retreat the Union, but it is the first time this has happened in fact, leaving people and economies of various countries very apprehensive, seeking to better understand how this will occur. According to this article-Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union, the United Kingdom will negotiate your exit in two years once invoke the Treaty, but some experts believe that a full output will take much more time, behold, the terms must be in accordance with 27 national parliaments. In truth, few know estimate how long it will take or how this process will work indeed, as this article out recently created, circa 2009. The laws of the European Union will continue to govern the country until the United Kingdom ceases to be a member, but now I can no longer have decision to vote at meetings of the Union.

As a consequence, since the referendum held on 23 June, many countries and entrepreneurs have their eyes to the United Kingdom, seeking acquisitions in Europe or bilateral agreements. For example, the Chinese company AMC Theatres announced the purchase of cinemas in the United Kingdom, followed by other companies believed to be an auspicious moment for acquisitions since the devaluation of the pound temporary. What is happening are megaoperações, such as the purchase of ARM Holdings by $ 29,000,000 – the largest acquisition since the departure of the European Union. For the United Kingdom, these businesses allow that there is a revival of the market of buying and selling.

According to banks, the most interest is coming from companies in Asia, despite agreeing that there is uncertainty about the future of the British economy, also don't want to Miss excellent opportunities in the short term.
Remember that many companies based in the country are multinational, that little will feel the devaluation of the exchange rate due to the fact their assets out of the country. The exchange rate of the pound will determine if more companies will have to fend off the attempts of foreign buying in the near future. Unlike many pessimistic estimates, the United Kingdom and the exchange of various countries are recovering from a very bad beginning, where the fall in equities occurred in various parts of the world due to economic uncertainties there will be for the rest of the European Union.

There are many things to be discussed, not only regarding the country's economy as well as in the political sphere. Many of the people who voted in favour of the Brexit want deeper changes in the laws and economic management – one of the most cited, however, is about the change in immigration policy, because the British aims immigration and reduce benefits for immigrants, and that includes not only refugees, but immigrants from the European Union itself. According to the British, it is necessary to note that immigration numbers are not at levels that could be sustained by the country.

You can use my passport?
The answer is Yes! Still a British document, since there is an "EU passport".

The United Kingdom will be able to go back to the European Union?
In the future it is fully possible that happen. However, the citizens of the country don't seem interested that happen now, behold, the referendum was won by a majority of the votes and the people cries out for deep changes in the country. But in terms of curiosity it is possible to occur. However, all Member countries must vote in favour and the United Kingdom should begin its participation from scratch. With so many taxes imposed by the European Union, in addition to the laws of the market and disagreements over control of the country's borders, it is difficult that the United Kingdom wishes to return part of the Union.

This text, a text to update what's going on, why it's happening and what changes. We hope that we have been able to clarify that matter to you! J

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