5 tips for Developing an export strategy

In today's post we will discuss some strategic thinking, necessary to develop a planning and that is a key factor for success abroad. But how to do this efficiently? The Flow will give some tips for you!

We know that our country is very bureaucratic, but we need to understand also the bureaucracy of countries which want to sell our products. This already brings us the first question:

1) For which country I'm going to sell my product? The how?

The tax system does not exist only in Brazil, as well as some other factors such as: logistics, exchange rate, tariff barriers, import and export tax incentives.
Your product fit for government resources? Is subject to tariff barriers? As applied to logistics to transport your product? I am aware of the constant changes in exchange rates? It's a good time to export?
Are aspects that may influence the price of your product. A favorable exchange rate for exports is an important opportunity to be considered for the kickoff.

2) should I change my product?

It is well known that many companies no longer try to act abroad for lack of knowledge in foreign markets and difficulty in understanding cultural differences. It is essential to seek understanding about these differences, making an adaptation to act abroad. For example, you may need to adapt your product package not only bureaucratic issues, but even as a strategy to win clients ' cultural approval abroad.

3) are there any custom or cultural difference that should I be careful?

Based on the second question, understand how the culture of another location will react to your product is a decisive factor for success in the internationalisation of the company. There are several characteristics to be considered, as the idiomatic and religious aspect. In some countries, religion is very influential and defines how consumers can behave on certain products.

4) what strategy should I use?

Thus, after serious reflections of all the factors involved, what are the strategies available to export my product? What is the purpose of my company?
You must evaluate and be aligned with the objectives during the planning. I seek to be original? Seek to have a more competitive price. How much I want to get involved with exporting my product?

5) want to sell to that kind of business? Distributors, agents, retailers.

Set the answer to question number four, it becomes more clear how the company can position itself in relation to its business. For example, if the company decided to engage less with export processes, it becomes easier to let these same processes in the hands of professionals.
It is important the company always be aligned and reevaluating if your goals are aligned with their current practices.

If a way is not working, try another path, use another approach in marketing. Each market is a market and the whole journey is an apprenticeship. Read, study and put into practice. And if you need help, you know that we are here to clarify your doubts!

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