3 areas to focus and strengthen your business

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You work with import and export and even today everything is "OK". But, there's always a way for things to get better even more, isn't it? To help you identify it, let's take a closer look 3 that can make your business grow faster?

# 1. Saving Costs

If you work with imports, is experiencing a complicated situation with the dollar high. And those hours reduction of expenses in the process is critical. A negotiation best freight rates, a conversation with the exporter, explaining the situation of the Brazilian economy or even move the load to secondary zones for clearance is valid to attempt a cost reduction on behalf of the partnership with suppliers and service providers. Try everything and see what can be reduced.


# 2. Increase your number of clients

This can be difficult, but with the crisis in the market, it is time to take action. Think about your ideal client, and go behind: take part in events to carry out Networking, invest in the media to customers find more easily your company, its products and services.


# 3. Innovation in the company

They say that in times of crisis there is a lot of opportunity, in various branches. The lower revenue and profit are companies increasingly seek ways to reinvent itself. More than when the market is stable or growing, where generally focuses on the company's operation. Stop and review its planning, its operation and costs. Can be the chance of new ideas arise.


The party of import, if you want to make sure you're doing the most profitable operation possible, within what you need, contact us and let's make some coffee. We'd love to help you in this process review.

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