Schedule for the end of Year

Already in July, and is essential if you plan to shop. We want to remind you of all the holidays and barriers that will be on our way in the coming months.

Now begin to be placed orders for Christmas, which generates a larger production in China – that is, waiting for your product to be ready, it may take much longer than usual. For some, this procedure can cost not only time, but also money if there is a need to receive the load with more urgency-hiring an air freight, for example.

Remember also that, since the month of June, there has been an increase in the price of shipping. Some variables may affect the price of these values, so stay inside to calculate the price of your product.

Therefore, it is vital to be prepared a solid planning and purchases to be made in advance, avoiding sales loss, headaches and complications in relation to the receipt of the goods.
Although the crisis is knocking on our door, no estimates of change of scenery as regards the general framework, in the so-called "peak season".

Nevertheless, we bring information about the Chinese holiday, which occurs right after Christmas and is considered the biggest holiday in the country. The Chinese new year this time will occur in January 2017, causing a pause in shipments and negotiations. It is estimated that an average of 100,000,000 of Chinese have a break during the holidays, in addition to 300,000,000 who usually travel to spend the date with their families in their hometowns.
In summary: the stock exchange, government offices, production factories, investments, business and industries to dramatically decrease your pace or even stop operating altogether for at least a week.

Chinese companies often warn their customers that will be on hiatus during certain period, as it is common it is not possible to deliver large orders and, in some cases, some companies even cater to phone calls. Is more than indicated that requests are made with great anticipation.

But you can count on us here at the Flow Comex to make your requests as soon as possible, ensuring your cargo delivery within the deadlines and interceding with the overseas agents for you. 🙂

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