Business Etiquette in travel

With the dollar rising, many entrepreneurs put their efforts in exporting more and more. And travel the world to know the culture, participate in a fair and visit customers becomes more common. To help, we've put together some etiquette tips for business people travelling the world, without wasting time or be rude with your client/host.

# 1. Make contacts and environment-if

Although they are few expressions, learn a few words in the language of the country you are going to visit. Work is a fundamental part of being a good professional.


# 2. Let the complaints home

Every country has its red tape, infrastructure problems that may hinder your visit. But between you and me, your customers and partners will not feel at ease with you pointing it.

# 3. Get dressed appropriately

What you wear speaks a lot about your company, your business and who you are. If you wear very casual, this can be considered disrespect on the part of some contacts. Similarly, take care not to overdo it in. Can be inappropriate and you may feel uncomfortable during the trip. A casual attire, with neutral colors is your ideal choice for business.


# 4. Follow the social rules
Follow in the footsteps of their hosts is a wonderful choice.  In addition, avoid using your phone to check email or answer a call when you are with your host.


# 5. Study the culture of the city

For education, study and learn a little about the local customs and cultural practices of their fate.


And, of course, be punctual and behave professionally, always!

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