New form of radar Expressed

At the beginning of the year we comment here on the blog about the simplification of the procedure for grant of Radar here. Were enough demand on our website and by email on the steps to get RADAR. In our last post, has the documentation that is required for the […]

How to get visa to China

Is to visit Canton Fair, is to visit a supplier, one of the questions that arise with my clients is if is very difficult and bureaucratic take the visa for China. In this post we will take a "caught" on this subject and listing the most important points. Types of […]

What is the difference between B2B and B2C?

Time to develop our marketing strategy and communication, it is important to identify which type of market we orient our offer: Sell to other companies, or to the client directly? The significance of these relationships, are abbreviated by acronyms B2B and B2C. A company can import items for kitchen and […]

Canton Fair: Preparations

On the eve of the Canton Fair, we always give tips for who will go and remember when you're getting closer to our friends and customers prepare for this fair which is the world's largest variety of items. The fair is great for negotiation and to meet new products that […]

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Our goal is always to take the contents of foreign trade in an easy way and with the latest changes in the everyday life of the area, to let the client always well informed. Every day we update our media, bringing the most important news that influence in our daily […]

FLOW services: export Advice

Here in FLOW since the inception of the company, we strive to enter the market for advice on export. Unfortunately the dollar was favorable and not motivavam companies to enter the international market. Of course only the dollar doesn't make a product more competitive out there, because the currency rises […]

New supervisory procedures in wood packaging

The MAP (Ministério da Agricultura, Pecuária e Abastecimento) has established new procedures for monitoring and phytosanitary certification of packages, brackets or wood pieces of goods imported or exported by Brazil, to reduce the risk of introduction and spread of pests in the country Through Normative paragraph 32, which was applied […]

CHINESE NEW YEAR: the year of the fire monkey

In Chinese astrology, each year is associated with an animal of the Chinese zodiac one of five elements: Gold (Metal), water, wood, fire, or Earth. Both the sign, as the element of the year you were born, they say it affects their personality and destiny. You're a monkey? Don't know […]

Chinese holiday: new year of the monkey

  Those who work with foreign trade, who knows a little about Chinese culture, you know that the Chinese new year starts on a different date.  This commemoration is adopted by various countries of the East that follow a distinct Western calendar, the Chinese calendar. The Chinese calendar is lunisolar, […]

Major Sites and applications in foreign trade

Each profession has a source of important information, an application that streamlines the routine or a place that has the information you need, quickly and easily. Here in FLOW, we have some sites and applications that use a lot and we want to share with you, who also works in […]