5 tips for Developing an export strategy

In today's post we will discuss some strategic thinking, necessary to develop a planning and that is a key factor for success abroad. But how to do this efficiently? The Flow will give some tips for you! We know that our country is very bureaucratic, but we need to understand […]

Mandatory Weigh-In

From the first day of July, some changes will occur with respect to the weighing of loads on time shipment. But what in fact will change in practice? Today we will explain a little about this new procedure and how it will affect you, our customer! In accordance with the […]

Valentine's day-trivia, Economic Data and sources

This weekend will be special! So, we here at the Flow we decided to tell you a little about the Customs about that date around the world. In General, the date is celebrated around the globe on the day 14 February. In Japan things work a little different: The present […]

Exporting to the United States

Have you ever thought how to export their products to the country with the biggest economy in the world? Today we will present a summary for you telling a little about the experience of negotiating with the United States, which is the most exported and information that may be of […]

Conference channels

Today we will explain a little about the functioning of Conference of imported and exported goods in Brazil. Did you know that your cargo will pass through a "filter" – which we call channel-to load and check your documents? The three channels that you hear most often are: Green: the […]

How to export food

We love to write here on the blog, posts that talk about export. Mainly for the time that Brazil is living today, many promotional incentives and training available for entrepreneurs. Much still must be done to be more competitive and ready to export, but, at the moment, we have to […]

5 common mistakes on import

At meetings we visit customers, or new contacts we do with companies, we have always heard the trauma that many people have with import. Sometimes not even their traumas and Yes traumas of a friend, an acquaintance who went through it. "My friend brought a container fell on the red […]

Trade defence measures against India and Germany enter into force

Entered into force today (22) two trade defence measures adopted by the Board of foreign trade (Camex), chaired by the Ministry of development, industry and foreign trade. In the case of India, pet films, which are films, plates, sheets, film, foil and strip of polyester, will have extra charge of […]

Flow Comex was certified as "Women Owned"

We started our certification process along We Connect and this week we received the information that our certification was approved. The WEConnect is an international non-profit organization which seeks to increase opportunities of companies under female leadership, so that they achieve success in an increasingly competitive economy. The Organization holds […]