Chinese New Year 2020: Avoid Problems With Your Business

The Chinese New Year of 2020 falls on January 25 (Saturday) and the festival lasts until February 8, with about 15 days in total. 2020 is a year of mouse, according to the Chinese zodiac. But, as we know, many factories stop before that and come back after that, to […]

Lowering the cost of Imports Via Santos

Every time it's time to review costs and internal processes in the company. In crisis and with the high dollar, this review becomes even more important. Here at the FLOW we are always looking to find legal ways to generate some savings in the process. Joining a little there, a […]

Lecture-How my company can start import x export?

Two weeks ago, we were in Ijuí at Expo Ijuí talking about how a company can start their journey in foreign trade. Let's enjoy the day to post a bit about the lecture and share the content addressed in Ijuí. In lecture we talked about the need to provide Radar […]

Exporting to Argentina

Follow our posts on exporting to other countries, today we will discuss about a neighbouring country, located on our beloved Latin America: Argentina. Export is always a delicate process, involving a lot of market research and long applied to prospecting for customers, suppliers and planning. We already know that exporting […]

How to stand out regardless of

Today we will comment a little about what's needed to highlight your company and its products in this crowded market, what skills are needed and which aspects essential to draw the attention of the customer. The central point of the whole business revolves around the product or service. The product […]

International Transport insurance

Today we'll talk a little bit about something important, essential to ensure that their international negotiations will take place without any major setbacks. International insurance is the most effective way to ensure that your company will not suffer financially with a possible loss, damage to or loss of cargo. These […]

"Brexit"-what is? What are the consequences?

Brexit was the term given to the referendum that took place between the British, joining two words-Great Britain (or, more specifically, United Kingdom) with the word "exit", "output". But what is this referendum, anyway? For many years there are economists and experts who believe that the best thing for the […]

Exporting to Germany

The Germany is very traditional with regard to exports, including being one of the countries export champions for many years. Therefore, it is also dependent on imports in similar scale. Historically open to imports, the trend increased after the formation of the European Union. In addition to having good relations […]

Schedule for the end of Year

Already in July, and is essential if you plan to shop. We want to remind you of all the holidays and barriers that will be on our way in the coming months. Now begin to be placed orders for Christmas, which generates a larger production in China – that is, […]